Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ver Rafaela capitulo 102

Ver Rafaela capitulo 102, Rafaela capitulo 102, Rafaela capitulo 102 AvanceMorelia (Diana Bracho) will mark annoys Rafael (Rogelio Guerra), mentioning that caution in not giving interviews to reporters who want to take note of her daughter Rafaela (Scarlet Ortiz), he happily tells you that there will be no problem because Rafaela is free, is surprised and Mireya Morelia (Chantal Andere) listens.

Behind bars, José María (Jorge Poza) Rafaela says he knows that can not be anything between them now that she is married to Angel (Ruben Zamora) and that can make you happy, Rafaela confesses that he never will be while incarcerated .

Rafael Morelia gives reason to why Rafaela out of jail, says Jose Maria told authorities that he killed Victor Acuña (Arturo Carmona), Mireya hears everything and is surprised to learn that actually it was she who did.  Angel visits the cell José María and confesses that he admires and has full support, he asks who loves Rafaela and never cheat.

The attorney informs Mireya are awaiting the outcome of the experts on the gun found at the home of Victor, Mireya is shocked to hear the report.  Chucho (Juan Carlos Flores) visit to Alicia (Ileana Almaguer), she asks if he really wants, she throws it to bed to show her how much you love him, Chucho and Alicia try to avoid lifting the sweater, then Morelia come and see what his daughter intends to Chucho and is enraged to see such an event.

What will happen? Will they find the real responsible for the murder of Victor? Do not miss Rafaela capitulo 102,  16:00 hours The Canal de las Estrellas.


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