Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ver La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 23 Avance Telenovela

The hospital ensures, of La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 23 , Rosaura (Ana Bertha Espin) Bruno (Julián Gil) have for them is that Mercedes does not want to talk to Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras), tells his men to warn, because Gustavo (Ron Joseph) saw one she had a scar on her neck.

In addition, Mercedes says Ernesto gives joy, comfort and help, then comes his wife and presented it.

Later, visit Gustavo Esteban, the house, ask if you can not invite his girlfriend, he is surprised and asks, as you know, Anna, Stephen says that he went into the office and looked very worried, Gustavo is surprised while Mercedes do not know how to hide.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ver Dos Hogares Capitulo 46 Avance Telenovela

Dos Hogares Capitulo 46 is about Armando (Alfredo Adame) who is shooting for George (Jose Carlos agricultural trade), but in April and will only be executed.

The two species threaten Florida (Erika Garcia) fight with James (Carlos Ponce), and removes it from, but her.

On the other hand, Karina and Claude (Abraham Ramos) have relationships.

Christopher (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) has a terrible nightmare in which you collect all of his wives.

The next day, Christopher and Eleazar (Carlos Bonavides) complete the fraudulent enterprise "Invermar" dismantled, and shortly after his arrival, Ricardo (Sergio Goyri), Gaspar and Pamela (Maya Mishalska), only to realize that the offices are braided empty and they all KNG Ticket group.

Ver La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 22 Telenovela

The telenovela is great with such story flow! Ver La Que No Podia Amar Capitulo 22 Telenovela firstly, talk about Rogelio (Jorge Salinas) who informs Ana Paula (Ana Brenda Contreras) Bruno (Julián Gil) has worked extensively in the case of his brother that he was soon released, she is happy.

Meanwhile tells Rosaura (Ana Bertha Espin) Bruno firmly that nothing in the world can you Ana Paula, Gustavo Durán (Jose Ron) is alive. Its so amazing for them!

On the other side in the hospital, Vanessa (Mar Contreras) and Ana Paula have a serious discussion, Vanessa asks him what he wants with her ​​fiancé, because Roger is to marry her, Paula is surprised by his words.

What will Ana Paula do? Dont forget to Ver La Que No Podia Amar Cap 21 Avance Telenovela