Wednesday, August 3, 2011

La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 1

La Fuerza del Destino Capitulo 1 -Ivan (David Zepeda) is lost in the California desert, crying and asking his mother not to leave him. Remember when Alicia returned with (Leticia Calderon) to her hometown, where they met with Arcelia (Leticia Perdigon), Ivan's godmother. Alicia plans to get a job.

Meanwhile, Ivan learns by Camilo (Gabriel Soto) that his father died. He told Alice, but is a major landowner named Juan Jaime (Juan Ferrara). And because Ivan already knew it, Alice tells the truth about his father.

Later, Alicia visits Curiel house, where she discovers a dark secret about her origin. She presented with Carlota (Delia Casanova), explains whos he is and asks for help to educate her child. Then, mysteriously leaves Charlota to meet with the lawyer who asked advice. This is where the lies begin and injustices against Alicia and her son, but apparently has no choice.

Charlota informs his daughter Lucrezia (Rosa María Bianchi) who will work to Alice. Lucrecia is furious.

Alice sees Ivan from a distance while walking with Juan Jaime. He now knows the face of his father. Is it closer? What secret that is hiding about his birth? Dont forget to Ver La Fuerza del Destino Cap 1


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