Monday, August 29, 2011

Ver Dos Hogares Capitulo 46 Avance Telenovela

Dos Hogares Capitulo 46 is about Armando (Alfredo Adame) who is shooting for George (Jose Carlos agricultural trade), but in April and will only be executed.

The two species threaten Florida (Erika Garcia) fight with James (Carlos Ponce), and removes it from, but her.

On the other hand, Karina and Claude (Abraham Ramos) have relationships.

Christopher (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) has a terrible nightmare in which you collect all of his wives.

The next day, Christopher and Eleazar (Carlos Bonavides) complete the fraudulent enterprise "Invermar" dismantled, and shortly after his arrival, Ricardo (Sergio Goyri), Gaspar and Pamela (Maya Mishalska), only to realize that the offices are braided empty and they all KNG Ticket group.
Then, Dos Hogares Cap 46 also concern about Santiago goes to the hospital for some tests for them from his memory.

The chief mystery of Christopher is the corrupt politician friend of Patricia (Olivia Collins).


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