Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 8

if you want to the the updates from Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 8; here is youre chance to get the summary, yet its about last episode. Its so crusial that affect next episode. This telenovela is very interesting with great story flow as well as talented cast involved in the novella. Then, stay here for next updates of  Esperanza del Corazon Cap 7 summary. Thanks for televisa esmas for the source!

Esperanza del Corazon Capitulo 7 Summary
April tells them accepted into the Classic, Gladys said that did not give permission, but called to say they accepted in the competition Britni quinceañera.

Angela nervously, unable to communicate with Franco. While Cassandra pretends to be Franco's wife and get the key to your room.

Gladys presumed to Britni leaving pretty Greta to compete against Lucrecia. She arrives at the party together with Orlando, Lucrezia sees tango dancing, Laureano note that Lucrezia is upset and asks her to dance.

Alexis and Lisa disguises invited him to dinner tacos. Are discovered before Krista.

Lorenza home for a bottle of Franco, Angela discovers it, talk about his problem with alcohol.

Aldo can not be met Camilla in bed, she says, and will divorce Mariano, Aldo angry, runs and asks you to fix things with her husband.

Then, also concern about Lisa who pretends to be called Monica and going to the bathroom, called Alexis Laureano, who says he does not plan to return in time. Lisa Alexis is delighted and invites you to visit the colony 'La Esperanza', tells of when he was famous and knew Brandon.

Angela called the hotel where you are staying Franco and calls this quarter, Cassandra replied. Angela claimed, but is cut off communication.

Music Lucrecia them off to Orlando and Greta to stop dancing. Lucrecia and Greta exchange hurtful comments.

Camila comes home and tries to Mariano with a more conciliatory attitude.

Laureano controls the fans and promised them an autograph signing with Alexis, they can not explain his absence.

Aldo console will take the opportunity to put him Angela and more doubts Franco. He offers tea, which has put a few drops, she takes it and falls asleep.


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