Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ver La Pola Capítulo 198 Avance

Ver La Pola Capítulo 198 - Hi, La Pola seem have to determined herself since she will affect Alejo so much, affect his life as well as his struggle. On La Pola Capítulo 198, everything change! As Pola visited by Francisco Sabaraín, who thanks him for saving the life of Alejo. Then, before they continue to the gallows, they must understand the risk. In other side,  you will notice that there are half-breed father gives his beloved the record where Samano is committed to sparing the life of Alexis, and asks him to keep it with care as presumed to be realistic attempt to remove.

La Pola Capítulo 198 continue to gives its catastrophe since the plaza of Santa Fe is full and although all clamoring for the life of the damned. For a while, the spirits seem to make a mutiny off when people realize that soldiers have orders to shoot any troublemaker.

But its must be underlined that Bibianito actually want to try to save his sister with his own hands, in other sides, Ambrose and his men to try their best to reach full speed to stop the execution. For sure, it’s the gret chance for Pola who is conducted to the scaffold, but before receiving good news, as her brother Joseph has forgiven and must accompany as a priest.

Likewise, the mestiza is once again with Alexius, who asked not to repent again to fight for independence. Arellano and arches are the first to suffer the shooting, a situation with which the Marshal Samano is expected to sensitize and curse Pola had betrayed the Crown. What will happen?. Don’t forget ver La Pola Capítulo 198.


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