Monday, July 18, 2011

Ver La Pola Capitulo 194

Hi, La Pola Capitulo 194 show how La Pola actually repent publicly that she agree to save the life of Alexis. After this chance, Pedrito makes it to Chocontá Almeyda, while with heavy responsibility he alerts of impending execution of Pola in one times to secure to situation. With a number of army, even it is not fully strong battalion; Ambrose knows that his army has very few men are willing to take the risk of crossing Santa Fe to rescue the mestiza.

From this point of view, La Pola cap 194 gives value of wisdom, as you notice if they died together; it should be a romance between the Polish and out. Meanwhile, the point realize what Pola was struggling whether to madcap she had it all, the legend is wisdom about how to pretend the freedom.

Meanwhile, with curious and panic; Maria Ignacia visit to Pola in jail and the she reconfirms that the only way to save the life of Alexis is that she repents publicly of being a betrayal of the Spanish Crown. What she already done is initially reluctant, the mestiza guard down and says he is willing to do it. So, after this judgment, what will Pola do to safe her life?. In other scene, Joseph and Josesito are expelled from the monastery, and they plan great strategy to get episcopal authorities in which they learned that the two boys are brothers of the revolutionary Policarpa Salavarrieta. How, it will be? Ver capitulo 194 La Pola


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