Monday, July 18, 2011

La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 93 Avance

La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 93 Avance - Maripaz try her best to convince the judge about the case, as yesterday we already know that she also try to convince his father to support her in court. Meanwhile, as it predicted she must face the custody of Alex. So, La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 93 is the catastrophe of last episode in which Anthony talks to Charlotte, since he was sure that Lucrecia is who is now supporting Maripaz economically.

In other sides, it must ne noticed that Lucia actually refuses to Ivan, however for some reasons  she can not believe there is nothing left of love that already she had. In other words, La Fuerza Del Destino Cap 93 looks to be chance for Lucy to fix everything, and even for life and love.

And talk to Gerardo Carolina to accept the proposal of his eldest daughter, not wanting to leave the small house. And Lucia talks to his grandmother, he reveals that he is willing to give up Ivan, the only love of his life, his parents did not go to jail.

Lucia goes by Alex, Ivan sees them and follows them. Saul also sees it and goes to greet her, Lucy panics and yells at him to leave. Alex beats defending Lucia Saul, he will hit back when Ivan comes and knocks Saul. El Gordo is wearing it. Saul tells Lucy that he sexually abused. El Gordo thinks there is a chance to win millions of dollars by kidnapping Alex.

Have you remember on La Fuerza Del Destino Cap 92 that Saul tells Lucy while John James also the person who is remembering what he did. What I mean here is the last commitment that he did not think to marry her. Then, it makes Saul confesses that he ordered the waiter of the drug den and fears that it put in jail. Obviously it makes Juan Jaime slap him, and its normal response I think.


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