Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teresa Telenovela 21 de julio

Teresa Telenovela 21 de julio - Hi, after wait for this crucial episode that makes Teresa feel suffer from her indifference. Since its make Teresa so afraid, with the present of the problem, it not merely makes her surrender. However, Teresa try to fix everything as well as maintain her relation toward friend. Teresa 21 de Julio is about at the tomb of his father, who says that everyone wants they're giving back and feel very alone. And we think that is so natural as a father felling. Meanwhile, reacted Arturo looks so happy after he get recover. Then, he hopes that her love still will be elusive.

Thus, Teresa Telenovela 21 de julio is obviously a chance for Luis Fernando to tells about the pregnancy.
Ever tough, most employers asks concerning the opportunity to maintain their relationship, as you heard from Luisa yesterday. Actually, it’s become an attempt to follow her attitude to life alone.

Finally, after few time passed, the story comes to the wedding day of Mariano and Aurora, and its so dilemmatic yet makes someone very happy as attending marriage to Teresa.  Since she was not invited, she looks so sad, and sat on the corner of the church, she looks so suffers to see everyone together and happy. Anyway, after deep jealousy at seeing Arthur and Lucia kissing, Is it affect Teresa life? Find the answer on Teresa Telenovela July 21


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