Monday, July 18, 2011

Rafaela Capitulo 120 Telenovela

Rafaela Capitulo 120 Telenovela - Jose Maria Rafaela and finally succeed in love, while the villains pay for their wickedness

Alicia comes home from Morelia to look for but not found, meanwhile, Rafaela gets a call from his father in which he says leaving the home, she goes to look for Alice, Mireya sees it and goes on his quest to kill her.
Chucho tells Lupita's grandfather who are already engaged, everyone gets excited.
Rafaela and Alicia are hidden in Morelia house while the search Mireya.
Rosalba stays in the hospital to care for Charity, she thinks it might be in trouble Rafaela.
Mireya continue to search for Rafaela, realizes that Morelia is gone, the police come and Mireya fired, the police took the opportunity to take it.
Raphael discovers that Morelia is dead.
Months later, Alice brings flowers to his mother's grave and remembers the tragic moments that had next to it.
Rafael has a surprise for Charity, blindfold him, takes her to his new home and asks her to marry him, she accepts.

The hospital's doctors, friends of Amanda, they learn that she and The Black love each other, they both kiss, Canito sees them and gets depressed.
All friends and relatives of Rafael and Charity meet in the Church to celebrate their wedding.
Raúl meets Bethlehem in the Church and recalls the moment when they met.
Lupita arrives with the children at the shelter and that is with Chucho, all come together.
Mireya is taken to an asylum, because he has lost his mind.
In the prison, and René Porfirio suffer from their confinement.
Mireya begins to hallucinate with Jose Maria, she thinks she is Rafaela.
Charity, Rosalba and Rafaela, wedding dresses, come to the church, three, happy, marry at the same time.
Carlos Luis congratulates José María, while Rafael Church enters the side of Rosalba and Rafaela. Charity does Chucho's hand.

José Maria Rafaela thanks to forgive all the mistakes, to give a new opportunity, he says he loves her and takes her hand.
All three couples are given the rings and they say their vows, then give thanks to God for giving them the opportunity to live next to her true love.
The father says to the three couples husband and wife, gives the blessing.
Luis Carlos Rosalba and kiss and remember the good and bad times they had next to his family and friends, Rafael and Charity do the same.
Before and Jose Maria Rafaela kiss, come to warn them that the shelter is a child who is very serious, the couple leaves the church immediately.
Fail to cure the child, remember the romantic moments they spent together, they swear eternal love and seal their words with a romantic kiss of love. END


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