Monday, July 18, 2011

Ver Mi Corazon insiste capitulo 42

Its about Mi Corazon Insiste 42, i would like to tells that its present alternative opera soap combines classical love story among Lola Volcan and Andres. With tragedic event on past time, they looks to protect their love against the family contradiction. A you see on most episode, it tells about how Lola to be different women, want to get he dream.

Anyway, what do you think about Ana layevska as Débora Noriega? She has great job along the story. On  Mi Corazon insiste capitulo 42, the main story perhaps going to her who, she make some manipulating story to achieve her goal. Yeah, she is clever, well-educated and for some reason she also fickle young woman that make Mi Corazon insiste be more problematic as usual, on typical telenovela or opera soap show. Full of intrigue, unintended scene or story that make us so curious about next scene. Thus, you should not miss and stay to Ver Mi Corazon insiste capitulo 42.

She has determined attitute that make her so strong. Yet, as others romantic story inside  Mi Corazon insiste Lola still a real women that need love, then she want to get it on the way, and its not simple problem that basically deal with the tradition and society she live in. Do you, understand why Lola got a tattoo of salamander?  In my opinion, she want to show her love, it simply symbolize love and her attitude

After ver Mi Corazon insiste  you will realize that Lola is a piece of work, hard worker yet she really attractive with special strength. And therefore Andres though that she somehow like a fire, who flaming and even burning everything that makes trouble with her. She is another barrier for her. Yet, for sure, in other hand; she also attracted women that make Andreas heart works twice! In short, its great telenovela And don’t miss to ver Mi Corazon insiste capitulo 42 Avance!


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